Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So much roost!

As much as I love riding the desert like conditions out here, nothing beats fresh dark brown dirt and good corners. Fellow East Coaster/ Vermonter Dylan Conte invited Ella and I to join him on a Sunday trip a bit North with Walt and Lucas, two California locals. Although hesitant at first I was so stoked I went. It felt so good to be back on the DH bike on real brown dirt in and among the trees. There was no undergrowth, just green grass. It could have been from Lord of the Rings. Lots of high fives and many laps later it was well worth it.

It was so refreshing to ride in the trees and green grass again!
Dylan was remarking on how well kids from out here
commit to corners...I think he's got it pretty well dialed....

"Is that a huck-to-flat? OH hell yeah! Feels a bit like home!"

Walt is in his 50's and shreds like someone in
their 20's and get stoked on bikes like a teenager. This guy is rad.

Lucas is one of those kids who still sends it on
busted up clapped out stuff, and does it FAST.

Foot flat out!

Aaand he has style.

Ella is never one to be left out and thought this
 whole drifting thing looked pretty fun...."kinda like this guys?"

It felt so good to ride fresh dirt again!

It was so much fun to ride bikes with Dylan outside of racing!
 Dylan and I also realized that that our knowledge of hip hop was very limited. Have you ever heard of a dude called "WIZ"....but no one knew who Yonder Mountain String Band, or Trampled by Turtles we called it and East Coast West Coast Tie.


the light was too good 

the ground was so soft you could ride a new trail in in a matter of minutes!

All smiles!

6 hrs of shuttling and everyone is stoked

Walt is great guy and has helped get a lot of kids off
and racing that otherwise would not have. Good on ya mate!

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  1. Looking back at these pictures brings back all of the smiles and wonderful memories of that day! Such a good example of why you say "yes" when someone asks you "do you want to go on an adventure today?"