Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Coach Alex!

Upon moving out West I began working at " Two Wheels One Planet" a local bike shop. One of their stipulations on hiring me was that I give skills clinics. I was stoked. Last weekend I coached my first ever advanced skills clinic on riding trail faster, having more fun, and giving more high fives. Here's some photos from Josh Witwer!

Just before dropping in!
"Why ride through the rough stuff when
you can jump it and "catch some sweet air"
A little discussion. faster corners equals more fun and more adrenaline
Then a little demonstration and it was the boys' turn

Riding fast is one thing, passing those skills on is completely different. I think I learned just as much from coaching as they did. I had to find what body motions and tips could exaggerate the skill I was attempting to teach. For instance...leaning the bike and not your body in corner......push on your inside hand, try to drop that side of the handle bar.
trying to stay early for the next corner!
no more flat corners! Lets work on some berms!
Getting them all excited to hit a drop they never had before,
"If you just set up for it two turns earlier it is so much easier!"
We worked on line choice here, it was really fun to here the
guys get excited and bounce ideas off each other
Bikes are fun, start smiling and you'll get better.
The Crew! Thanks guys for the opportunity
and I hope you learned some too!

It is extremely rewarding to see your advice progress someones riding. By the end of the day everyone was whooping and hollering and high-fives were passed around. Thanks Two wheels for the opportunity to do this and thanks guys for showing up! I hope I made a difference!

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  1. Seriously so cool, Alex. It's awesome to figure out how to teach something you've loved to do for so long.