Friday, August 17, 2012

The stuff you dream about...

This has been such an incredible week and it just keeps getting better! Monday found myslef, Scott Papola, Andrew Taylor, Jack Oliver, and a Swedish frestyle rider at the Top of the World Trail. The views were breathtaking to say the least! The trail had everything from flow to fast pinner sections back to tight techy bits! So awesome. Halfway down Pappy (leading screached to a halt yelling BEAR!!! Ten feet in ront of us was a mother with a cub. So cool to see, so close!

Friday, August 10, 2012

parking lot metal working and awesome locals

Yesterday did not start off so well...there's a decent sized step up about 1:00 min into 16 min Garbanzo course, I aired it full throttle directly into a tree. I somehow managed to miss the tree myself, but the bike was not so fortunate. I spent the next 4 hrs bending and straightening drive train stuff while tourisits looked on gawking and wondering why we do this crazy sport...

But thanks to some help from the Transition guys and the boys and girls and Fanatik Bike in Whistler we got her back on the trail for an afternoon session!

While scoping the Garbanzo course we met up with a local dude named Reg. we traded on and off in the sections we all felt faster in and learned a lot from each other! such a great run despite a rough morning!


This place is incredible! I met up with my friend  Jack Oliver at the Vancouver airport and we both caught a shuttle up to Whistler! I'm staying in a hostel for a reasonable $30 per night. Perfect set up: Hostel/Diner/Laundrymatt! First day was incredible I took the advice of my friend Justin Frey and old whistler Native and took it reaaal easy, but had sooo much fun!

I've already seen more bears in two days than I have my whole life! Saw a mother and cub on the way up the lift yesterday!

Every run has started and ended with a high five!

hollyyyy cow!!! this roll down to huck is sooo much more scary/gnarly /awesome in person...just to look at!