Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hangin' with Heroes!

I believe it was my 3rd day in Whistler and I was all set to head up the lift to go practice the Garbanzo track. I jumped in the singles line as it got you on the chair about 10 minutes faster. To my surprise (Which I tried to hide) I got on the lift with Kelly McGarry, Sam Pilgrim, and a photog/writer from! For those of you that don't know Kelly McGarry and Sam Pilgrim are two of the Worlds BEST freestyle mountain bikers. This means they are the guys doing back flips and other such nonsense over 60 foot gaps!

I tried to play it cool, mind my own business and not say a word. The vital photog spoke up and said that they were filming an edit called "Randoms from the lift" and would I mind if he filmed our lift ride...when we got to the top Kelly asked if I would do a run with them down Dirt Merchant to A-Line. I had ridden this trail once.

They suggested I go out front, to which I replied that I was not very confident with big jumps just they compromised and put me between Kelly and Sam...Not much better.

We took one of the wildest; most fun runs of my life down A-line. When you follow someone with that much skill you can just copy their motions and without realizing it, you find yourself doing things you never thought you could!

Check out the video of our lift ride and run on Vital here:,14888/sspomer,2

They ended up "Tales from the lift” I guess.

Whistler Video Appearances!

My trip to Whistler was an incredible expereince. Words can barely describe the amount of fun and the memories that were created. It was also a picotal trip in that I received a large amount of much needed publicity!

Here's a list of the videos I made it into and the timestamps that I appear at!

Pink video of the day Recap on Canadian Open DH:       3:10

Official Crankworx Highlight reel:                                    0:29
(Got a little loose)

Canadian Open Webcast replay:                                     1:19:30

Air DH Webcast Replay                                                 1:26:30

Garbanzo DH Webcast Replay                                      1:37:30

Have a watch!!!