Thursday, February 7, 2013

Flight and first few days in NZ!

I left California on Sunday night, and after a 12 long hours we touched down in Aukland, from there I passed through Customs with no issues and hopped on my flight to Queenstown, from there I jumped on a rickety old bus. The driver smashed his way up the side of the mountain, charging through the switchbacks with confidence. 
Queenstown airport

Aukland, Very Dramatic eh?

bad photo but it gives an idea of the scale of the mountains here

welcome to Wanaka!
 Al had a bit of work to finish up before he could swing down to get me so I spent some time just chilling on the beach. Wanaka is really cool town, there's gravel paths everywhere, and they get used  A LOT. Everyone and their grandmother has a mountain bike and uses it to get around on in addition to recreational use!
Lake Wanaka

Al my soon to be Boss had me over for dinner with his family,
quite a view from the dinner table!
I'll work on some riding photos soon, it's a bit hard to snap them of yourself when riding solo!

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