Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Day at work and Coronet Peak weekend!

Postcard shots are everywhere you turn here. Rude rock trail

Rude rock trail.

I might be in NZ...but you can still Huck to Flat like it's the BEAST coast!

This is what I do all day. Forks forks and more forks! It's lots of learning.

My Comute to work. Real good fun.
Scrub a dub...Rude Rock. Super fun.

The ride home....hard to keep your eyes on the track with mtns like those!

Sticker from the workbench...thought everyone who's ever done trail work  would appreciate!

The Blueshark office, lots of character!...and bit similar to Chucks....

fox wall of fame

Co-worker and budding videographer Ross Mackay.

Tear 'm appart and make 'em happy!

The rest of my ride to work.

View from the trail to work.....
My riding is improving, I've had a few crashes getting used to the terrain but I'm starting to feel the confidence coming back! Can't wait to get on my TR 450 this weekend!

hint hint....Next Blog post....Diaries Down Under episode with Kelly McGarry and Mike Hopkins!!!


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