Monday, June 9, 2014


After 2 long days of travel I finally made it to my Hotel in Leogang. "Half board" is the best thing ever! Breakfast and dinner included! They already are laughing at how much I eat, and that I am the only one who asks for water instead of beer with dinner. They bring me a monster glass of water every night with a chuckle. I am about 4 K's from the lift. I got of the train on Friday and proceeded to shlep my bike box, duffle, and backpack 3 k in the wrong direction up the bike path to the Mtn thinking that's where my hotel was.....long day. It was everything I could do to stay awake for dinner.

Every night there is a table with my name on it. "McAndrew, 2"

I finally found an adapter and will get some go pro pictures and video up today. I took my camera for a jet lag early morning walk and couldn't believe what I saw.....
The farms are so neat and clean here. The cows look content and well cared for.
Quality of life is great here for both the animals and their caretakers

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