Saturday, March 30, 2013

Filming with the Big Boys

DDU 'Summer' Episode 2 from Diaries Downunder on Vimeo.

One of my co-workers is also a freelance videographer and works filming the web series "Diaries Down Under".  Only a week or two into my stay he invited to come film and episode as a guest...along with Mike Hopkins and Kelly McGarry.

Unfortunately I had a wee mishap the day before we left for the trip that involved a crash, a hole in my knee, 4 stitches, and $75, and a couple nights with little sleep....

We left Friday afternoon to meet up with everyone at the Skyline Gondola. Despite being the only one on a trail bike the covert took it like a boss and I had blast keeping up with the boys on their DH rigs!

Saturday found us on our way to Alexandra where we met up with a local Transition Shop owner Phil, he took us up into the hills for some truly unique riding. I have never ridden in the wide open with no trees. It takes some getting used to, following the legendary Mike Hopkins was pretty fun!

Alexandra is a super fun place to ride, but it is very rocky and unforgiving. On our way out I tried to get a bit sideways at a bad time and put my face and front wheel into a rock...not the best tool for trail maintenance.

From there we headed off to Naseby where Kelly and Mike got to work on some tailings from the gold mining days. It was neat to see the precision that those boys operate at even while getting their huck on!

I decided to try  and join in with the covert....but it ended with my tumbling into a rose hip bush. There's no bugs, bears, or snakes here to be worried about, but the bushes around here will tear you apart! MEAN thorns.

Sunday, we were shown around Naseby by the notorious "Keeler", the builder and caretaker of a massive trail network in Naseby. It was a super fun trail ride and I finally felt like I was riding a bike for fun again and really enjoyed myself!

Have a watch it's a great movie! Rosoe Mackay did an incredible job editing. Thanks guys for an awesome trip!
Host of the show Josh Clark, Swamp Monster??

Managed to pull 2 of the 4 stitches out when I crashed in Alexandra


annd the tree Huck

what if I....

Long Day

Travel.....such an incredible country

In the heart of the Gold mining era.

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